Chukka Foundation Mission Statement

At the Chukka Foundation, we are unwavering in our commitment to leave a lasting impact on children, youth, and families, both within the Chukka community and beyond. We believe in the transformative power of education, and we champion this through scholarships and enrichment opportunities. Our dedication extends to improving overall well-being, offering generous philanthropic aid, and ardently advocating for the humane treatment of animals. Together, we cultivate communities that care.

About Chukka Foundation

At the heart of CHUKKA’s commitment to sustainable progress lies the CHUKKA Foundation, our beacon of philanthropy. As we navigate the intricate pathways of today's global landscape, we are ever-mindful of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities. Aware of our unique position and potential as a major organization, we leverage our resources to not only achieve business success but to also foster profound, positive change within our communities.

Established in 2008, our Foundation is a testament to the strides we've taken in pivotal areas, ensuring enduring sustainability and enriched lives. Our ESG strategy and actions resonate deeply within the work of the CHUKKA Foundation, embodying our dedication to the bigger picture. For a detailed look into our comprehensive ESG commitments and initiatives, please visit our CHUKKA Checked webpage. Together, we're not just working; we're sculpting a brighter, more sustainable future.

Empowering Future Generations

Every child deserves a quality education to unlock their fullest potential. Yet, for many, even mastering fundamental skills like reading presents daunting challenges.

Driven by unwavering dedication, the Chukka Foundation continually prioritizes uplifting our community. We champion education by awarding scholarships to local students, enhancing classroom facilities, and ensuring children have essential school supplies.

Central to our mission is promoting literacy. We have a resolute focus on helping children learn to read and ardently invite collaboration to bolster our schools and libraries.

"It takes a village to raise a child."

With your generous donations, our sustained fundraising endeavors, and strategic partnerships with local businesses and agencies, we stand proud in our mission, working hand-in-hand with community schools to deliver the support they so rightly deserve.

Empowering our Caribbean Community

Spanning Jamaica, Belize, Turks & Caicos, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, and St. Thomas USVI, CHUKKA proudly employs thousands of dedicated individuals across these six Caribbean countries. At its heart, the CHUKKA Foundation values this extensive family of employees and the vibrant communities they come from.

Our unwavering commitment is to uplift the regions where we operate, ensuring they are not just optimal work environments for our CHUKKA team, but also thriving habitats for the wider community.

A significant focus of the CHUKKA Foundation is on nurturing the rural communities our guests often visit. Our mission extends beyond short-term aid; we aim to sustainably weave these communities into the broader tapestry of the tourism sector, ensuring their continual growth and success.

Progress Through Partnership

The Carvell McDonald Memorial Scholarship: Initiated in 2017, this commendable scholarship supports budding local students from our diverse Caribbean locations. As our foundation expands, our ambition is to reach even more aspirational students.

Regional Health Initiatives: With the well-being of our communities at the forefront, we bolster local hospitals and health programs. Our objective is clear: refine facilities and uplift the standard of services provided.

Artisan Empowerment: Recognizing the abundant talent strewn across the Caribbean, we've devised a program to champion local artisans whose craft is their livelihood. Beyond assisting in income avenues, this venture facilitates skill enrichment, brand evolution, and trademark fortification. Their artisanal marvels can be discovered and purchased at our Foundation Section in various gift shops.

Environmental Stewardship: Our heartfelt involvement in initiatives like the International Coastal Cleanup Day mirrors our dedication to the environment. We motivate our CHUKKA family, academic communities, and local inhabitants to volunteer, fostering a collective eco-conscious ethos.

With shared goals and collaborative efforts, we're making strides in enhancing the beauty and potential of our Caribbean heartlands.


Make a Donation

A heartfelt thank you to our donors who have helped make a difference with their generosity to schools and communities with cash donations, gifts of books, art and sport supplies.

Advocating For Animal Welfare

The CHUKKA Foundation stands firmly behind the global cause of animal welfare. This commitment shines brightly, given the beloved animals that reside at many of our CHUKKA tour locations.

Our proactive approach includes addressing stray and street animal overpopulation through Spay & Neuter Clinics. In partnership with leading animal welfare organizations, the CHUKKA Foundation sponsors and actively contributes to these clinics, ensuring they serve those most in need.

We offer this vital service free to underprivileged pet owners and the elderly, recognizing their unique financial challenges.

Further deepening our commitment, we collaborate with regional animal welfare non-profits. This involves both fundraising and launching educational programs in schools to inspire the younger generation about the humane treatment of animals and the importance of spaying and neutering. Our vision is a world where animals are treated with unparalleled compassion and respect.