The non-profit arm of Chukka Caribbean Adventures, The Chukka Foundation, recently partnered again with Hanover Charities, Lets Ltd and Neveast Supplies Ltd with providing back to school assistance to the children of the Pumpkin Bottom community in Hanover.

The partners were pleased to provide back to school supplies to 130 children ranging from early childhood up to the secondary age group to start their new school year on a positive note.

The back-to-school season is an ideal time to consider partnering with local communities, particularly at the beginning of a new academic year to provide support to students.

In today’s educational landscape, there is an ever increasing need for businesses to partner with local communities and schools. When students achieve their goals in education, everyone benefits. Businesses should be vested in education because of their need for a strong pool of local potential employees to choose from. There is evidence that business’ involvement in education is linked to fewer dropout rates in schools. When students see the relevance for pursuing a career in a specific industry, they are motivated to not only to stay in school, but to excel in it. This creates positive growth in the community over the long term.

It was a relaxed morning; the children arrived with parents to receive their supplies and mingled afterwards with the sponsors for refreshments. The support was appreciated by everyone.

Cooling Community Classrooms with Wall Mounted Fans

The Chukka Foundation is also providing assistance to thirteen community schools at all the Chukka locations across the island with the provision of wall mounted fans for classrooms. One of the most common concerns that the Chukka Foundation discovered while visiting schools was the dire need for fans, as classrooms are often very hot and stuffy, even in the cooler months of the year. Due to some classrooms holding as many as 40 children, a lack of air circulation makes it difficult for them to concentrate and learn due to being tired and dehydrated by the heat. By providing fans, the learning environment can be improved dramatically, thereby improving children’s health and motivation, making it possible for them to achieve higher grades.

The Chukka Foundation partnered with Bascho Trading Co. Ltd with providing the fans to the schools. It was a beneficial and rewarding venture for everyone.

We wish all the teachers and students a great start to the new academic year!