The Chukka Foundation and Hanover Charities have continued their commitment to support their communities especially since the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the organizations purchased much-needed medical equipment for the Noel Holmes Hospital in Lucea, Hanover. Thanks to the support of their sponsors and attendees at the Polo Charity affair held in February 2020, the charities managed to raise over US$ 44,000. With part of the proceeds raised, a Vital Signs Monitor and Suction Machine were donated – both being deemed as essential medical devices for patients.


The two charities recognize the importance of assisting the WRHA healthcare system by helping with the care for Covid-19 patients as the virus continues to spread. Hospitals are in need of funds to purchase necessary equipment and support frontline health care staff. The two charities gave support last year to the Cancer Care Centre at Cornwall Regional Hospital.


The Noel Holmes Hospital team expressed appreciation for the medical equipment and that the charities took the time out to recognize their needs.


The Chukka Foundation and Hanover Charities appreciate the nurturing and strong relationships they

have built over the years with supporters of their annual February events, laying a solid foundation to weather the pandemic.


Whilst the charities face challenges with fundraising, Sheona Muschett, Chukka Foundation Manager noted “it is even more important now to communicate to our sponsors and supporters, letting them know how help has been provided and how donors can assist. It is important to generate awareness for our advocacy groups during the pandemic and highlight our missions so that we may make a meaningful impact.” Katrin Casserly, Chairman of Hanover Charities concurs and adds “too many students, children, schools, elderly and sick depend on the annual efforts and assistance of our charity organization; it is now more than ever we need to work as teams to help those who need us most.” Both feel positive that the charities will rebound, pulling together to face the challenges of fundraising in the future and provide the help that is needed. Plans for a future joint fundraising event will be announced in the near future.



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