Chukka began in 1983 when an idea for a tour was born after visitors were encouraged to enjoy swimming the polo ponies in the warm Caribbean Sea. The combination of the scenic ride along a spectacular coast and a thrilling swim on horseback proved to be a launching pad for the company. Today, Chukka delivers over 650,000 tour experiences annually through roughly 85 tour packages across 15 independent excursion locations in Jamaica, Belize, and Turks & Caicos.


We have demonstrated our ability to define, design, develop and deliver tour experiences of the highest quality in protected areas of natural beauty. After 35+ years in operation, Chukka has become rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit, supported by strong family values, employee and partner loyalty, and 1200 of the best-trained staff in the Caribbean.

Chukka excels at showcasing the natural side of the Caribbean through unique value- added experiences. Whether our customers are motivated by thrills & adventures set in unspoiled natural beauty; local culture, history or the need to come together as a team. We are the only tour operator in the Caribbean capable of delivering such a wide range of exceptional experiences consistently, safely and reliably. Having designed, developed and delivered this wide range of activities, it has provided us with the core competence to showcase a destination while preserving its natural unspoiled beauty.


Our logo’s colours capture the multifaceted spirit of the Chukka experience: green for lush vegetation and foliage; yellow for the brilliant sun; turquoise for the Caribbean Sea and sky; and red for the heart of the Chukka team. Our brand promise to all our clients reads “Chukka will wow every customer, at every turn, every time”.


Our vision is to build on the existing success of the Harrison’s Cave attraction by developing it as a full-day nature adventure park, the first of its kind in Barbados. The park will have the Cave experiences as its center jewel but will be complemented with new activities and tours (“come for the Cave, stay for the adventures”). These varying complementing activities will offer active, cultural and leisure activities to guests as part of their park experience.