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On May 23 each year, Jamaicans celebrate Labour Day by volunteering their time and energy towards the beautification and enhancement of communities across the island. This year, whilst Labour Day fell on a busy day for Chukka due to ship arrivals, team members rescheduled their time and worked on community projects throughout the week. It proved to be a very busy and successful week!

The Sandy Bay Chukka team assisted the Lucea Infant School, providing the children with an ice-cream treat to celebrate Children’s Month and then worked on beautifying the school grounds, recycling ATV tires to make container beds and painting.

The Chukka White River Valley team in St. Mary worked hard painting at the Newstead Primary School whilst Chukka Good Hope assisted the Unity Primary School with painting their library in Trelawny.

Members of the corporate Chukka team worked industriously on Labour Day painting at the St. Catherine Hall Basic School and the Infirmary in Montego Bay.

The Chukka Foundation recognizes that volunteering benefits not only the recipients, but also the givers. Volunteering should not be viewed as simply the responsibility of an engaged, civic-minded individual, but also as integral to the overall health and well-being of the volunteer. Studies have shown that volunteering has measurable value beyond the satisfaction of making a difference.

The time and resources that companies offer are critical to meeting the pressing needs of our community. Corporate volunteering also builds teams, leadership and skills, and promotes trust and camaraderie by building a sense of community among employees as they work together toward a common goal. Volunteering builds community. Companies are essential to creating meaningful change because they have resources beyond what governments and nonprofits can provide, and Chukka takes great pride in helping their communities!

The Chukka Foundation was also proud to be a sponsor for the St. James Lay Magistrates’ Association and Sweetwater Blossom Foundation in their inaugural Clash of the Bands hosted in St. James on Labour Day. Children from ‘at-risk communities’ in the western region of Jamaica participated in the marching band competition. The event was intended to promote a good behavioural experience and develop the gifts and talents in music for young people in the age group from 13 to 19 years old. Youth potentially disposed to crime become focused on the positive roles in their communities through joining a marching band with opportunities for members to learn, develop social skills and bond.

A productive and happy month all around for everyone!

About Chukka
Founded in 1983, Chukka offers over 60 tours in Jamaica, Belize and Turks & Caicos. Collectively, the operations delivered adventure tours to over 450,000 cruise and hotel guests in 2015. With a commitment to offer only the highest quality tours with well-trained guides and stringent safety standards, Chukka takes pride in showcasing the natural beauty of the Caribbean through unique and sensational experiences, while providing opportunities for local residents and businesses. To learn more about Chukka active adventure, culture and leisure tours, call toll free 1-877-4-CHUKKA, or visit www.chukka.com.

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