Roxborough Beach Spa

Locals’ Favourite Spa Near Ocho Rios

The waves are gently lapping on Roxborough Beach, the sun is smiling down on Ocho Rios, and Janice Kalynuik and her husband, Joseph, are opening their spa for the day.

As Joseph sets the big comfy treatment chairs out on the deck and Janice opens the windows in the treatment rooms, it’s easy to feel the love between them.

“We met while I was working as an esthetician on a major cruise ship,” says Janice. “One day in New York, I was heading back to the ship, and this guy offered to help me with my luggage. Then he followed me all the way to the ship. I didn’t know what was going on. He turned out to be the executive chef on the same ship!”

Love blossomed, marriage ensued, and after Janice moved shore side, the Roxborough Beach Spa was the result.

It may be small, but it’s a big hit with the locals, who love its calm and tranquil atmosphere and understated, unpretentious location.

“Women bring their kids,” says Janice. “They can play on the beach while mom gets pampered.” And the beach is RIGHT THERE so mom can keep an eye on them.

The most popular treatments are the aromatic pedi, which includes reflexology, and hot-stone massage. Massages are done in a private room that still offers a gorgeous view of the water.

Facials are her specialty, and she does her own blends of clays for them, customized for each customer’s needs.

Joseph is still on the ship for part of the year, but when he’s home, he’s at the spa with Janice. Watching the two of them put the finishing touches on the day’s opening, it’s hard to not start humming that Bob Marley song, One Love.

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