Rockhouse Hotel Bar

Most Romantic Bar in Negril

“The ambiance is my favourite thing here,” says bartender Gossett about his job at the Rockhouse Hotel Bar.

And what an understatement that is.

Lucky Gossett gets to see a view every day that can only be described as stunning.

Imagine standing at the top of a cliff, with nothing but the jagged edges of the Earth and Caribbean waters stretching out before you. Now throw in a sunset. You get the picture. If you’re looking to score points for picking out the most romantic spot for a little together time, this is it. Although, as part of the Rockhouse Hotel and Restaurant, the bar comes with the standard warning:

“Visiting Rockhouse for lunch can lead to staying for the sunset, ordering a cocktail, booking for dinner, checking in for a week, and coming back every year for the rest of your life… Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

Jamaica-Rockhouse-Hotel-Bar-Negril-Bartender-1Gossett says an ideal way to experience the bar is after a day spent enjoying a glass-bottom boat tour (boats leave from the deck just below), or swimming in the warm Negril waters. “Then you come up here, chill, and watch that spectacular sunset,” he says with a smile, while serving up a rum punch with as many colours as the orange, red, and golden sky.

Mmmmm… the drink is perfection—no wonder Gossett has won two major bar-tending prizes, including the prestigious Taste of Jamaica “mystery bar” competition in which he took the bronze.

And no wonder the Rockhouse is in the list of 1000 Things To Do Before You Die.


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