Rick’s Cafe

Best Entertainment in Negril

A diver stands poised on the platform at the famous Rick’s Café in Negril, hesitating while he looks down at the water 35 feet below. Is he pausing for dramatic effect? So we can all admire his bravery? Or is he wondering what he got himself into?

Then in one graceful leap, he arcs forward into a classic swan dive and slices into the turquoise water below, making it look easy. Would any amount of Red Stripe convince you to do the same? Luckily, there’s a lower platform for those who still want the bragging rights, but can’t take the height.

Rick’s Café is a must-do in Negril. The spectacle of the divers is mesmerizing. The reggae music that starts up every day at sunset is intoxicating. And the sunset—oh, that sunset. Get yourself a cold one, let the music move you, and watch the sun burst into a million shades of orange and gold as it does a perfect dive into the water.


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