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The Chukka Foundation, Lets Limited and Hanover Charities recently had the opportunity to partner in assisting the children of the Pumpkin Bottom community in Hanover with back to school supplies for the new academic school year. The three organizations wanted to help and enable the children of Pumpkin Bottom to start their new school new year on a positive note, supporting the children’s academic success. The belief that supporting children in their education is key to reducing poverty.

Supplies were provided to 100 children in the Pumpkin Bottom community ranging from early childhood up to the secondary age group. Neveast Supplies Ltd also assisted with this special event.

The need to assist the children and families in this community was recognized to provide back to school items and help ease financial expenses. The cost of pencils, crayons, books and other supplies easily add up at the beginning of each academic year.  Families are focusing on their daily needs and the extra pressure to fund school supplies is one more challenge and stress.

Chukka Sandy Bay is located across from the Pumpkin Bottom community and Chukka, Lets Ltd and Hanover Charities were keen to show their support helping the children.  It was a fun and relaxed afternoon, the children played at the community playground followed by the presentation of gifts, then refreshments. Parents and grandparents attended and offered their support to the sponsors.

Chukka Foundation assisting 10 schools across the island in their local communities

In addition to supplying the Pumpkin Bottom community, the Chukka Foundation is also providing assistance to ten community schools around all the Chukka locations across the island with back to school supplies.

Chukka offers a variety of tours throughout Jamaica from White River Valley in St. Mary across to Sandy Bay, Hanover and Mayfield in Westmoreland.

The Chukka Foundation has felt strongly in developing relationships and partnering closely with the rural and local schools offering their support where possible.

This year, the Chukka Foundation has partnered with Neveast Supplies Ltd with the school supplies and Falmouth Jamaica Land Co. the local affiliate for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines with the provision of small cabin fridges which will be useful within the schools. With partnering, each sector brings in useful resources and assistance and all with a common vision to helping communities.

Sheona Muschett of The Chukka Foundation specially thanked all the partners with the back to school projects and noted it has been a pleasure working together this year and we look forward to continuing and growing each year.

The partnership has been beneficial and rewarding for everyone concerned.

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