Pelican Grill

Best Milkshake in Montego Bay

Wear stretchy pants if you go to the Pelican Grill on Montego Bay’s popular Hip-Strip.

You might walk in feeling starving, but you’ll walk out feeling more stuffed than one of their lobsters because it’s impossible not to eat everything in sight.

First impression after sliding into one of their leather-backed booths: lots of locals eat here. This is not just some tourist joint. That’s always a good sign.

Jamaica-Food-Pelican-Grill-Restaurant-Rolls-Montego-BayNext: is that a real soda fountain? Serving real malted milkshakes? When was the last time you saw one of those? The milkshakes are what made the Pelican famous. Locals have been coming here for these ice creamy concoctions for almost 50 years.

Everyone from the adventurous to the timid to the vegetarian will find something on this menu. Jamaican specialties like escoveitched fish, jerk chicken, conch chowder, curried goat, and oxtail are here. So are good old hamburgers and chips. And your veggie pals can enjoy Jamaican rice and peas with sautéed callaloo.

You probably don’t need dessert if you ordered the milkshake. In fact, what you probably need is a nap. We suggest heading over to the Doctor’s Cave beach and getting a little sun while you digest.


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