Miss T’s Kitchen

Celebrating Rustic Jamaican Food in Ocho Rios

A butterfly flits by our table as I settle into my half-barrel chair and scan the wine menu by candlelight. “You’re out late,” I think to myself, and then remember that butterflies are often seen as a symbol of celebration.

And that’s what dining at Miss T’s Kitchen in Ocho Rios feels like. This restaurant is a celebration of all things Jamaican: the rustic country cuisine, the colourful culture, and the great outdoors.

As my friends and I sip on some decadent fou-fou cocktails, we try to make up our minds about food. The oxtail stew here is famous, but that curry goat looks good too. And there are so many ways to have your fish or meat prepared: steamed, escoveitch, brown stew, grilled, rundown, curried…. help!

We finally go for the oxtail stew, rundown shrimp, and fried BBQ chicken, with ackee and avocado spring rolls for a starter. The wine poured, I relax, sink into the rhythm of the music gently playing in the background, and admire the outdoors-meets-indoors décor. There are no walls at Miss T’s—just a roof held up by tree-like posts decorated with red fairy lights.

“No walls” describes the real Miss T, too. Anna-Kay Tomlinson (Miss T) is a self-taught chef who turned her passion for authentic Caribbean cooking into one of best restaurants in Ocho Rios, one whose reputation grows stronger every year.

Dessert? Don’t mind if we do.

And after that amazing and very reasonably priced meal, we take our leave, our spirits lifted, and flit like butterflies into the night.

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