Just Natural Veggie and Seafood

Best Vegetarian Food in Negril, Jamaica

It takes a little patience and faith to find Just Natural Veggie & Seafood Restaurant and Bar Negril. But believe us, it’s worth finding.

One easy way is to follow the locals, because this whacky gem of an eatery is highly popular with the folks who live here.

“Our kitchen is our little ranch,” says Theresa, one of the cooks and co-owners, who’s always more than happy to give a tour of the wild, unkempt garden that surrounds Just Natural.

Jamaica-Food-Healthy-Just-Natural-Veggie-Seafood-Restaurant-Negril-3Explore the grounds and you’ll find banana trees, mango trees, pomegranate trees, herbs, and grasses that Theresa brews into special teas. “This is how we grew up,” explains Theresa. “We were poor. We could only eat what we grew.” Theresa was a local-vore doing the 100-mile diet before it was cool.

Tucked in amidst all the greenery are the restaurant’s tables, each hidden from view of the other. If you’re looking for a spot to feel like you’re alone in paradise, this is it. And if you really need to de-stress, head over to the spa tables for a massage, where Theresa’s sister will “work her magic” on you.

Every meal is prepared fresh from scratch, explains Theresa. No preservatives here. Even the hot sauce is homemade, and as Theresa says “It’ll wake you up!” The fish is brought in straight from the water every day in small batches. Again, to keep things fresh.

They recommend you call ahead if you’re planning to eat here. For one thing, it’ll help you get directions. For another, it will give Theresa a chance to make sure what you want is available.

And as a final note—because we know this is important—the bathroom is very clean.

Hylton Ave. (past the lighthouse, take three corners)
876/957-0235 or 876/354-4287


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