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You want to eat where? Stush in the Bush?

[ezcol_2third][/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end][/ezcol_1third_end] There are certain places in every country that you should venture slightly beyond (okay, maybe quite a bit beyond) the regular tourist route to discover. Places that show you the landscapes, the character and the people of a country. Add amazing food and views, and you find just that place at Stush in […]

Top Reasons to Go to Belize

Snorkeling: The Belize Barrier Reef presents amazing underwater vistas. Diving: Reefs and atolls provide many of the world’s greatest dive sites one of which boasts one of Belize’s greatest features in diving – the Great Blue Hole, one of the Eight Wonders of the World. Fishing: Year after year, thousands of light tackle and fly […]

Garifuna Settlement Day

Once of the most fascinating and unique things about Belize is their traditional culture – still alive and well today. This includes their national holiday, Garifuna Settlement Day, a celebration of the arrival of some of the first settlers to the country around 1802. About two-and-a-half hours by car from Belize City, Dangriga is the site […]

Lamanai Mayan Ruins

Belize is home to the largest concentration of Mayan sites in the Central American region, so visiting one of these ancient sites is a MUST during your travels. Lamanai is one of our favourite locations to explore the structures and hear the history. With a riverboat ride to start your journey, it provides an unparalleled […]

Traditional Local Rum Experience

Here’s a true Jamaican must-do: stopping at a roadside rum bar. Humble on the outside, these bars are fully stocked with many styles and flavours. So pull over, drop in, and raise a glass the way the locals do. Insider tip: if you really want to blend in, ask for White Overproof. You’ll find these […]

Good Hope Zipline

Ziplining through the Jamaican Canopy “Is it too late to change our minds?” Yes, we were a little bit nervous while standing on the first zipline platform at Chukka Good Hope. One by one, my companions and I all wished each other good luck, and watched each other disappear into the lush Jamaican forest as […]

Good Hope River Tubing

River Tubing in Jamaica The water tube slide, part of Chukka Good Hope Estate’s historical aqueduct, starts out gently enough. We bobbed along the shallow stream, bouncing off the banks, and laughing as our tubes spun us in circles. Then the pace started to pick up. “I hope I’m facing forward when I get to […]

Dunns River Falls

Most Amazing Thing to do in Ocho Rios “That’s got to be impossible.” When you’re standing at the foot of Dunn’s River Falls—at the spot they call The Tornado—it’s hard to imagine that anyone could climb through that thundering water. But they do every day. Hundreds of thousands do it every year. And you can, […]

Cliff Diving Rick’s Cafe

Best Entertainment in Negril A diver stands poised on the platform at the famous Rick’s Café in Negril, hesitating while he looks down at the water 35 feet below. Is he pausing for dramatic effect? So we can all admire his bravery? Or is he wondering what he got himself into? Then in one graceful […]

Hotel Mockingbird

Best Spot for Bird Watching in Jamaica “I believe in the energy of trees,” says Shireen Aga, one of the co-owners of the Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio. And from this vantage point, high on a hill overlooking glorious Port Antonio, we certainly feel as if we are in a beautiful, luxurious tree house. […]

Coyaba Gardens

Best-kept Gardens in Jamaica Dunn’s River Falls is known around the world. But the locals in Ocho Rios know Coyaba Gardens is the place to go when it’s time to get back to nature, and maybe climb a waterfall, too. Coyaba means paradise in the language of Jamaica’s first people, and this is as close […]

The Rockhouse

The #1 Boutique Hotel in Jamaica You know that book 1000 Places to See Before You Die? Negril’s Rockhouse is in there. In fact, you might think you have died and gone to heaven when you get here. While most of Negril hangs its hat on the exquisite Seven-Mile Beach, the Rockhouse dares to be […]

Roxborough Beach Spa

Locals’ Favourite Spa Near Ocho Rios The waves are gently lapping on Roxborough Beach, the sun is smiling down on Ocho Rios, and Janice Kalynuik and her husband, Joseph, are opening their spa for the day. As Joseph sets the big comfy treatment chairs out on the deck and Janice opens the windows in the […]

Round Hill Resort

Most Exclusive Resort in Montego Bay As we drive through the gate of the Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay, we immediately understand this boutique hotel’s allure with the sophisticated set. It really does take you away from it all. Far away. The drive from the gate to the main building alone is enough time […]

Jamaica Inn

Best Beach in Ocho Rios If only the walls of the Jamaica Inn could talk… Maybe they’d tell us tales of the days when Winston Churchill stayed here. And Noel Coward and Errol Flynn. And when the most beautiful woman in America at the time, Marilyn Monroe, came here for her honeymoon with Arthur Miller. […]

Coyaba Beach Resort

Best Place to Relax in Montego Bay Busy MoBay, with its Hip-Strip, cruise ships, and proximity to the airport is a popular place to stay. And we know the perfect way to stay close to all the action, but still chill out, relax, and enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s called Coyaba Beach Resort. This […]

Negril Lighthouse

Best “High” in Jamaica Wilson Johnson could walk the 103 steps up the winding iron staircase of the Negril lighthouse in his sleep. A lighthouse keeper for over 29 years, he now watches over one of the most famous landmarks in Negril. The job is a little easier these days: the lighthouse is solar powered, […]

Jamaican Sugar

Jamaica’s Sugary Past As you drive along the Jamaican highways, you may notice these stony, stoic relics of days gone by standing alone in a field, or disappearing under the creeping vegetation. These were once sugar mills, part of the factories that built the fortunes of Jamaica’s early British estate owners. Sugar cane made the […]


Best Pots in Jamaica “Pass the dutchie from the left hand side!” That old song by Musical Youth keeps running through our heads as we admire the display of handmade dutchies at this roadside stand. If you really want to learn to cook like a Jamaican, you have to have the right ingredients and the […]

David Pinto

The Art of Pottery at Good Hope With a gentle slam, the clay hits the wheel, and just seconds later is transformed from a shapeless lump into a graceful bowl. David Pinto makes it look easy. But then, he’s been doing this for almost all his life. He didn’t set out to become a potter, […]

Teddy Tucker – Bartender

Best Bartender in Ocho Rios When we first heard that Teddy Tucker had been described as “the best bartender in the Caribbean,” we expected to see a Tom Cruise-like character, straight out of Cocktail. But Teddy doesn’t flip bottles behind his back, juggle glasses, and dance on the bar. This very reserved 70-something gentleman is […]

Rockhouse Hotel Bar

Most Romantic Bar in Negril “The ambiance is my favourite thing here,” says bartender Gossett about his job at the Rockhouse Hotel Bar. And what an understatement that is. Lucky Gossett gets to see a view every day that can only be described as stunning. Imagine standing at the top of a cliff, with nothing […]

Walkerswood Jerk Hut

Jamaican’s Favourite Jerk Seasoning Ever wonder how jerk cooking got such a crazy name? I mean, really, why is such a delicious combination of flavours and heat called “jerk”? The answer really depends on who you ask. Some will tell you the name comes from the practice of poking—or jerking—holes in the meat so it […]

Tortuga Rum Cake Bakery

Tastiest Souvenirs from Montego Bay Yummy! There are so many reasons to stop at the Tortuga Rum Cake Bakery in Montego Bay. If you need to cool down, get a scoop of the locally made Calypso Gelato ice cream in decadent flavours like coconut delight, triple mango, and even one called Tortuga Rum Cake. Need […]


Scotchies: the Best Jerk Chicken and Pork in Jamaica We’d been told a lot of things about Scotchies. We were told it had the hottest, kicking-est jerk dishes around. That we had to be sure we asked for ribs and pork belly, because those are the most tender cuts. And that the cooks will not […]

Rick’s Cafe

Best Entertainment in Negril A diver stands poised on the platform at the famous Rick’s Café in Negril, hesitating while he looks down at the water 35 feet below. Is he pausing for dramatic effect? So we can all admire his bravery? Or is he wondering what he got himself into? Then in one graceful […]

Pelican Grill

Best Milkshake in Montego Bay Wear stretchy pants if you go to the Pelican Grill on Montego Bay’s popular Hip-Strip. You might walk in feeling starving, but you’ll walk out feeling more stuffed than one of their lobsters because it’s impossible not to eat everything in sight. First impression after sliding into one of their […]


Patties – Jamaican’s Favourite Fast Food GROWL! It’s lunchtime and you can hear our stomachs all over Jamaica. But what do you do for fast food in a country that’s famous for being laid back and going with the flow? Sure, Burger Kings and KFCs abound, but we’re here to experience the authentic culture—and that […]

Miss T’s Kitchen

Celebrating Rustic Jamaican Food in Ocho Rios A butterfly flits by our table as I settle into my half-barrel chair and scan the wine menu by candlelight. “You’re out late,” I think to myself, and then remember that butterflies are often seen as a symbol of celebration. And that’s what dining at Miss T’s Kitchen […]

Just Natural Veggie and Seafood

Best Vegetarian Food in Negril, Jamaica It takes a little patience and faith to find Just Natural Veggie & Seafood Restaurant and Bar Negril. But believe us, it’s worth finding. One easy way is to follow the locals, because this whacky gem of an eatery is highly popular with the folks who live here. “Our […]

Jamaican Natural Food

Best Natural Treat in Jamaica (Coconut man) Whack! Whack! Whack! Insert straw. That’s how jelly coconuts are served up at roadside stands all over Jamaica. This is the freshest coconut water you’re ever going to drink. And it’s not just refreshing. It’s sweet, yet low in calories, has more potassium than bananas, and is super […]

Houseboat Grill

The Must-Dine Place in Montego Bay Ding-ding! The cheery call of the bell alerts the ferryman that guests have arrived at the Houseboat Grill for one of Montego Bay’s most unique dining experiences. With a big push, he sends a small floating bridge our way, then jumps on for the 10-foot ride to shore. We […]

Fishermans Beach

Best Spot for Fresh Seafood—Fisherman’s Beach “Really? It’s safe to eat here?” That might be the first thought that goes through your mind when you pull into Fisherman’s Beach in Ocho Rios. It certainly went through ours. And no wonder. Fisherman’s Beach was a collection of shacks and ragtag buildings surrounding a dirt yard with […]

Dickie’s Best

Best Kept Secret in Port Antonio, Jamaica If the Queen ever decides to drop by western Jamaica for a meal, Dickie’s Best Kept Secret will be ready with the service she expects. The restaurant can only be described as a bunch of shacks clinging to the wall of a cliff. The floors literally slope down […]

Best Coffee in Jamaica

With so much for us to experience on the Chukka Good Hope Estate, a cup of coffee was in order. We needed to keep our energy up for the ziplining, river tubing, tour of the great house, and everything else ahead. Good thing the estate has a Jablum—Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee—Café with a lovely little […]

Appleton Rum Bar

Best Rum in Jamaica I propose a toast! Let us now raise our glasses to those excellent sugar mill operators who discovered how to make rum out of molasses. Your discovery gave the world a drink that is as synonymous with Jamaica as Bob Marley, jerk cooking, and Dunn’s River Falls. Rum goes back a […]

Frenchman’s Cove Beach

The Perfect Private Beach With Wifi Frenchman’s Cove Beach in Port Antonio has been called a slice of paradise and, as we spread out our towels on the bone-white sand, it was easy to see why. We were in desperate need of a beach break… and, of course, needed to check Facebook and email. And […]

Beaches Negril

Best Kid-Friendly Resort in Jamaica Beaches Negril has so much going on for toddlers, tweens, and teens that even local families go there to enjoy a break. “I feel free to just let them run,” said one mother enjoying the sun by the pool, knowing that her two kids were perfectly safe and well entertained. […]