Jamaican Sugar

Jamaica’s Sugary Past

As you drive along the Jamaican highways, you may notice these stony, stoic relics of days gone by standing alone in a field, or disappearing under the creeping vegetation.


These were once sugar mills, part of the factories that built the fortunes of Jamaica’s early British estate owners.

Sugar cane made the sweet stuff the British loved in their tea, and the byproduct was molasses, which could be turned into rum.

At one time, Jamaica was the largest sugar producer in the world. Many of the great houses you’ll see as you tour were all built with money made from sugar plantations.

Sugar remains one of Jamaica’s main exports today, along with rum, coffee, bauxite and yams.

We found this sugar mill at Chukka Sandy Bay in Montego Bay. There’s another one in great shape at the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory.


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