Jamaican Natural Food

Best Natural Treat in Jamaica (Coconut man)

Whack! Whack! Whack! Insert straw.

That’s how jelly coconuts are served up at roadside stands all over Jamaica. This is the freshest coconut water you’re ever going to drink. And it’s not just refreshing. It’s sweet, yet low in calories, has more potassium than bananas, and is super hydrating.

When you’ve sucked it dry, get your machete-wielding friend to open the coconut up so you can scoop out the delicious jelly.

These roadside stands may seem a little ramshackle, but trust us—the coconuts are perfectly safe, so pull over and enjoy.

BTW, jelly coconuts are not a different variety from the hard, brown coconut you’re used to. They’re just younger. And, yes, it is safe to stop at the side of the road for this treat.


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