Jamaica Inn

Best Beach in Ocho Rios

If only the walls of the Jamaica Inn could talk… Maybe they’d tell us tales of the days when Winston Churchill stayed here. And Noel Coward and Errol Flynn. And when the most beautiful woman in America at the time, Marilyn Monroe, came here for her honeymoon with Arthur Miller. Or when modern-day beauties like Kate Moss dropped by.

But Kyle Mais, the manager, assures us the Jamaica Inn is as discreet as it is elegant. “We keep your secrets,” he says with a smile.

Many resorts throughout the Caribbean strive to recreate old-world colonial elegance. But the Jamaica Inn doesn’t need to; it IS old-world colonial elegance.

Timelessness takes on a whole new meaning here. There are no clocks, TVs, or Internet in the rooms. This is the place you go to reset your own internal clock and get in tune with your true nature. Relax on the private beach, called the best in Ocho Rios. Unwind at the beachside bar while Teddy, Jamaica’s most famous bartender, mixes you a dirty banana. Or hang out in your private ocean-view living room and create a few more secrets.

Not suggesting you leave your room, but keep in mind if you do head out, the Jamaica Inn is on Chukka’s free pick up route.


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