Members of the Jamaica Dogsled Team with Jimmy Buffett, Danny Melville and Lance Mackey at Margaritaville in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Mush Mon! What’s next?

After 8 great years travelling the globe, the Jamaica Dogsled team has retired. The Sun Dogs have found new adoptive homes and our literacy program is in full swing.

What a trail it was. From 1,000 mile races to thrilling sprints, we flew the Jamaican flag high and created friends and fans worldwide.

Our godfather Jimmy Buffett shared our story at his concerts and is working with us to complete a film. Thanks to Jimmy and Margaritaville for all their support!

And rest assured our founder Danny Melville is cooking up new ideas so make sure you stay connected to Chukka where It’s Always Time to Play.

If you are looking for the book, One Mush, by John Firth please contact Tricia Ruddock at