Good Hope Zipline

Ziplining through the Jamaican Canopy

“Is it too late to change our minds?”

Yes, we were a little bit nervous while standing on the first zipline platform at Chukka Good Hope. One by one, my companions and I all wished each other good luck, and watched each other disappear into the lush Jamaican forest as the zipline zipped us away.

Chukka-Jamaica-Good-Hope-Things-To-Do-Zipline-1How long was I flying through the air? Minutes? Seconds? Time seemed to stand still… but not that upcoming tree. That was fast approaching. How do I stop this thing? Is this how it all ends?

The next thing I knew I was magically stopped and caught by our guide and guardian angel. My two companions were standing there laughing at me.

And that’s the great thing about ziplining with Chukka. The experience feels death-defying scary at first, but then you realize how safe these guys make it. So go ahead, climb to the highest platform and take that leap of faith. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying like a bird, this is the closest you’ll come.


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