River Tubing in Jamaica

The water tube slide, part of Chukka Good Hope Estate’s historical aqueduct, starts out gently enough. We bobbed along the shallow stream, bouncing off the banks, and laughing as our tubes spun us in circles.

Chukka-Jamaica-Good-Hope-Things-To-Do-River-Tubing-2Then the pace started to pick up. “I hope I’m facing forward when I get to the slide,” I thought.

The water got faster. The roar got louder. I could sort of make out the historic waterwheel to one side, and before I could get turned around WHOOSH! I went backwards down the chute and into the white frothy water below.

Which gave me the perfect view of my friend as she came barreling down behind me.

If you’re looking for a great way to cool off in Jamaica, the River Tubing Safari at the Chukka Good Hope estate has to be the best.

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