Dunns River Falls

Most Amazing Thing to do in Ocho Rios

“That’s got to be impossible.” When you’re standing at the foot of Dunn’s River Falls—at the spot they call The Tornado—it’s hard to imagine that anyone could climb through that thundering water.

But they do every day. Hundreds of thousands do it every year. And you can, too.

Jamaica-Nature-Things-To-Do-Dunns-River-Falls-Ocho-Rios-1The trick to making the 600-foot climb from the bottom to the top is to wear the grippy water shoes they rent at the site, and go with a guide. Your guide not only knows the right path to pick to get safely up the falls—he’ll know lots of secret spots where you can have a little extra fun along the way.

Like The Slide—at this spot you sit down, put your hands behind your head, and let your guide push you down a smooth, natural rock slide to land in a gentle little pool.

And the Head Rest—this is nature’s massage spa. Lean back into the pummeling water and let your stress flow away. Aaaaahhhhh!

And the Fall Back—turn your back on the water, close your eyes, and just let yourself free-fall into the pure, crystalline waters.

It’s no wonder this is Jamaica’s most popular attraction, and yes, it can get a little crowded. But we know how you can feel like you’ve got the falls almost all to yourself: go in the morning, and pick a day when the cruise ships are not in town (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes Monday).

If you don’t feel like getting all wet you can still enjoy the climb. Just follow the boardwalk and stairs, and laugh along with the climbers as they get soaked.

Be sure to pause at the top to get your picture taken so you can prove you’ve earned your bragging rights. Then grab a bite to eat, a cup of that delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, and relax in the Tranquility Gardens.

Did you know? The guides actually scrub the rock trails under the water every day to make sure the footing is safe.

And that the beach below is the site where Ursula Andress made her famous walk out of the water in the James Bond film Dr. No.

Hot tip! The best way to get to the Dunns River Falls is aboard Chukka’s Catamaran Cruise. It takes you to where the cascading water falls to meet the sea.

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