Best Kept Secret in Port Antonio, Jamaica

If the Queen ever decides to drop by western Jamaica for a meal, Dickie’s Best Kept Secret will be ready with the service she expects.

The restaurant can only be described as a bunch of shacks clinging to the wall of a cliff. The floors literally slope down and each of the rooms is joined to the next by a short set of stairs that you might describe as drunk.

Dickie-and-Son-Port-AntonioBut after navigating your way through this fun house, you’ll find your table set with the finest china and a formal place setting. And the view from the window is of Navy Island, the point of land Errol Flynn supposedly won in a poker game, and the place he said was “more beautiful than any woman I have ever known.” That’s saying something, coming from Errol.

“You have to understand service,” says Dickie Butler, the owner and chef, who learned the art himself at some of Jamaica’s best hotels, including the Ritz Carlton. And yes, he served royalty in his time. Today his son, Dennis continues the formal etiquette.

The royals themselves have yet to show up at Dickies, but Winnie Mandela and other celebrities have.

Meals are five courses, and lobster is Dickie’s specialty. Phone ahead for your reservation and meal preferences. Dickie doesn’t keep anything on hand; he prepares fresh for each guest. And it’s cash only, so don’t rely on your credit card.

867/809 6276

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