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The World Famous Dunn’s River Falls – A Must See!

Ocho Rios is home to Jamaica’s most popular natural attraction, Dunn’s River Falls. This breathtaking waterfall sits at 180 feet high and 600 feet long. The base of Dunn’s River is met by a white sand beach and the warm Caribbean Ocean. Natural steps made by the water’s travertine (limestone) deposits and some man-made alterations, allow guests the ability to climb the falls with the help of a property guide. A parallel staircase and multiple lookout points allow non-climbers to view the falls and people-watch. It’s a geologist’s wonderland, as the waterfall continuously rebuilds itself with its own sediments; Dunn’s River is one of the few travertine waterfalls worldwide that empties into the sea.

Dunn’s River Falls dates back to 1657 when the British defeated a Spanish force from Cuba, known as the Battle of Las Chorreras (former name of Ocho Rios.) A plaque has been placed at the bottom of the falls to commemorate this historical event. In present days, the park fills daily with families, couples, tourists and locals looking for adventure, relaxation and fun.

We offer multiple packages to Dunn’s River, which allow guests to arrive by way of land or more popularly by sea on our catamaran. We’re excited to announce our newest attraction at Dunns River, Falls Flyer – a series of 7 ziplines and 4 hanging bridges over the waterfall! See the falls from a different perspective; a bird’s eye view!

CHUKKA at Dunn's River Falls

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