With so many spices and flavours incorporated into their dishes, it’s not hard to find good food in Belize. But Elvi’s Kitchen isn’t just good food. Elvi’s offers great food with exceptional service in an authentic and casual environment.

Located in the town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, Elvi’s is popular with both locals and tourists. With sand floors and paper placemat menus, the restaurant is an escape from the mainstream. Every Friday night, they serve an all-you-can-eat Mayan Feast, including several different dishes and Mayan entertainment.

Traditional Mayan cooking ingredients include banana leaves, mole, chocolate and chipotle. The flavours certainly come alive in each dish at Elvi’s. Laid out in buffet-line style, friendly servers will explain each creation. The Pibil pork is one of the most traditional of all Mayan dishes and is very popular. Pibil requires the meat to be wrapped in banana leaves and cooked while buried in the ground – a lot of work goes into preparing this scrumptious feast.

Other favourites include the mole, not to be missed, and the shrimp tacos. For dessert, try the bread pudding or dulce de pan. A hot cup of café de olla, a special Mayan coffee is the perfect way to finish your meal. Since this is an all-you-can-eat buffet, you are welcome to go back for seconds or even thirds – but we challenge you to find the room.

If you visit Elvi’s on a night of the week other than Friday, there are still plenty of delicious choices. Famous on the island for their seafood, they offer a myriad of fresh crab claw, lobster and squid dishes. They’re also open for lunch where you can choose from sandwiches, burgers and wraps. Or perhaps a local favourite like rice and beans with stewed chicken is more up your alley.

We have it on good authority that some Belizeans travel to Elvi’s just for their stuffed jalapeños, and after popping one in your mouth, you’ll understand why. Filled with spicy shredded chicken and cheese, surrounded by a hot jalapeno with a breaded crust, they are cooked to perfection.

In fact, they’re so good that we recommend ordering a few extra for the road.