With so much for us to experience on the Chukka Good Hope Estate, a cup of coffee was in order. We needed to keep our energy up for the ziplining, river tubing, tour of the great house, and everything else ahead.

Good thing the estate has a Jablum—Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee—Café with a lovely little terrace perfect for sipping, relaxing, and planning our next move.

Mmmmm… iced coffee on a hot day delivered with just the right combination of a caffeine kick and a frothy cool down. And the earthy, rich flavour had us all feeling mellow—the perfect mood to learn a little about the history of Good Hope estate from our costumed server.

I’d heard lots of people talk about Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee before, but didn’t understand the fuss. Now I totally get it. These beans have a special flavour that was both rich and light at the same time. I guess that’s the result of being grown in the high, foggy reaches of the island’s western mountains.

If you’re heading this way, I suggest leaving room in your luggage to take back a bag or two. And also leave time in your day to sit back, enjoy a cup, and drink in these historic surroundings.

PS: Want to add a little something extra to your cup? The Appleton Estate Rum bar is right next door, and your server will happily make your coffee extra strong, if you catch our drift.

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