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Twelve elementary school students may very well be the change for the business and commercial industries of Jamaica, but we will have to wait and see!

Change is an often overstated proclamation, but has never been truer for young hopefuls of the Hammersmith Preparatory School in Trelawny, each aspiring the greatness and change for themselves and country. This week, they had the very unforgettable opportunity of meeting senior business executives with operations here in Jamaica, Belize and the Grand Turk who imparted wisdom and inspiration for their journey into successful and bright futures.

Applaud It! this time excursioned to Chukka Good Hope Estate Trelawny adventure park, Chukka Caribbean Adventures, and dined with six of its core executives along with the students and two teachers of the preparatory school in the same parish.

School, though some distance away, was still very much in full session because there was much for the dreamers, who shared hopes of becoming neurologists, engineers and entrepreneurs, to learn and ask of the senior business execs.

Their day began over lunch of marlin dip with bammy strips, the first of four courses with Chukka’s Director of Group Revenue and New Development Marc Melville, enlightening the 12-year-olds about longevity in business and success.

“We have standard operating procedures,” he started, addressing young Aziza Gentles’ question about surviving in the business world. “…we would have trained everybody [to] stay calm, make sure the guests are comfortable and take it one step at a time.”

He later elaborated that education remains fundamental to success, engaging the students and quite frankly, everyone present — including vacationers who could be heard often ziplining and screaming in excitement between trees in the nature-kissed park — on the Sugar House’s verandah, over pumpkin bisque with grilled shrimp skewers, their second course. “Education proves that you have discipline and commitment to complete your tasks,” he reminded. “[It] is the proof that you can start something, finish it and get it done.”

The conversation was rich; fears were placed on the table. One student even asked about defeating her own fear of heights to which Melville replied, ‘Ziplining!’, immediately prompting a look of horror by the young student, resulting in everyone’s laughter.

For Chukka’s Foundation Manager Sheona Muschett, it was important for her to let the students know, and perhaps the entire country, that there is significance in togetherness. She pointed out scientifically backed theories to explain this. “Eating together as a family, as a group, makes you bond with everybody. It also helps to improve your choice of food,” Muschett said.

She made clear to the students that the food industry is open for business, waiting for many to enter and benefit significantly. It is an area she offered to the students for their consideration.

The meal ended with a main of peppered encrusted tenderloins with sides of sauteed callaloo and potato casseroles and warm banana bread and ice cream for dessert. A thrilling five-minute adventure trail that featured climbing, hoop-dashing, rope scaling, and the opportunity to view birds like the majestic turkeys and the very colourful wild parrots was the final treat.

Leonie Scott, one of Hammersmith Preparatory’s teachers accompanying the group, shared that all the students in attendance would benefit from the luncheon, as they were the best representatives of the school, having excelled in various fields.

Director Marc Melville also expressed agreement, hoping also that the children leave inspired to achieve the greatness they so effortlessly oozed around the table.

“I hope you guys [The Jamaica Observer] keep the video and send it to the headmaster, because it is important for them to remember that when they were kids they had big visions of success,” Melville said.

The director also noted possibilites of the Chukka Foundation helping the preparatory school in the future, but that may be for another Applaud It! moment.


Source: Jamaica Observer

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