Chukka, through a team of dedicated, motivated and environmentally aware professionals, is committed to providing quality nature adventure tours and services in a clean, safe and sustainable environment.

Chukka recognizes that our organization has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for guests, staff and residents of the surrounding communities.

To this end we are committed to taking action:

  • To maintain a continuous environmental & social program that mitigates health & safety risks for all stakeholders.
  • To comply with all relevant environmental & social laws and regulations.
  • To implement and maintain environmental best practices across our entire operation.
  • To implement practices to conserve and/ or reduce consumption of energy, water and other scarce resources.
  • To sensitize visitors of the organization’s environmental program and permissible behavior whilst on tour.
  • To inform our customers, suppliers and contractors of our environmental management program and to engage where ever possible those who employ the policies in their operations.
  • To work with others in the industry, public sector and the community to achieve wider environmental goals.
  • To provide all employees with training, to equip them with the necessary knowledge to improve their environmental awareness,
  • To monitor and record our environmental performance routinely.
  • To purchase local goods and services wherever possible.
  • To employ persons from the surrounding community to promote economic and social growth.


Being a nature adventure company the environment is our business, there are inherent environmental and social risks that must be studied and mitigated continually. Below are some key areas that we dedicate time and attention to, whether a new or existing operation:

  • Management & Operational Plans
  • Labor
  • Community
  • Biodiversity
  • Tour E&S Risk Management
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Resource Efficiency& Pollution Prevention

Through a dedicated team of passionate and responsible employees Chukka and its partners utilized best efforts to execute its ESMS. At the core is training of a focused safety standards team armed with a disciplined approach towards Safety and Standards.  Equally of importance is to partner with our local regulatory agencies to ensure proper professional information and ultimately local regulatory compliance. See below how we address each potential area of environmental & social impact.

Management and Operational plan for new and/or existing operation meets and surpasses the requirements by focusing on:

  • Carrying capacity of the attraction to identify the number of individuals and tours, which can be accommodated daily and for animals’ number of visitors that can be accommodated by the animal per day without being stressed (negative impact)
  • Methods used to handle sewage; particularly along trails
  • Waste management plan (to include but not limited to solid waste, used oil, sewage)
  • Cleaning & filtration of fresh Water ponds (fish etc.)
  • An emergency/disaster preparedness plan
  • Flora & Fauna on site
  • Interpretation signs (including directional, information etc.)
  • Monitoring plan, showing reporting format and frequency of report
  • Number of person per tour and number of tours per day, length of tour
  • Public education and awareness program (brochures etc.)
  • Staff Training plans
  • Reporting procedures (internal and to regulatory)
  • Maintenance plan for trails, waste & safety
  • Description of closure plans
  • Water sampling for faecal & coliform (routine)

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