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Chukka believes in sustainable tourism. We recognize that our organization has an important role to play in protecting the environment and improving the communities where we operate.

Chukka, through a team of dedicated, motivated and environmentally aware professionals, is committed to providing quality nature adventure tours and services in a clean, safe and sustainable environment.

We attach a premium to our human resources and being among the most environmentally responsible and community friendly groups in the tourism industry.

Staff Awareness: Participation by team members in workshops and seminars conducted in-house or by local government organizations, and by non-governmental environmental organizations.
environmental clean-up
Water Conservation Program: Monitoring of total water use on property: kitchen, dining room, garage, stables and garden areas.
Energy Management Program: Use of timers on electrical equipment such as air conditioners, outdoor lighting, etc.
horseback riding
Waste Management Program: Practice of waste disposal  procedures at the tour sites including recycling of office paper and packaging.
White River Valley
Control of Hazardous Substances: Before purchase, the Green Team determines the suitability of products and provides full training for staff whenever new chemicals or equipment are purchased for use in the operation.
Jeep Safari
Social & Cultural Development & Interaction: Hire and train people from our neighboring communities and utilize existing community shops as refreshment stops for the tours that pass through these communities. We work with these operators to maintain the aesthetics and sustainability of their businesses. We also educate our clients on our heritage, culture, cuisine, flora, fauna, and our environmental efforts while we entertain them on our nature excursions.
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